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Ryan Sisson


President | Project Leader

Known for creative, cost-effective, and site-specific solutions, Ryan will drive your transportation infrastructure projects forward. Through his strategic technical approach, relationships with industry leaders and dedication to client satisfaction, Ryan will steward your vision and fiscal responsibilities toward the best solutions for the users of your transportation system and communities.

Ryan is a strong, reliable project leader, detailed designer, & manager known for the quality of his work, attention to detail, engineering expertise, & creative solutions. He has proven Design-Bid-Build, CM/GC, & Design-Build experience, with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to manage and accelerate delivery. His 16 years of experience exclusive to Colorado spans all aspects of project development, design, & construction, including transportation planning & design, highways, intersections, freeways & interchanges, major arterials & local streets in urban areas, bridges, walls & minor structures, drainage & water quality, traffic operations, signals & lighting, & alternate delivery. His experience working with different owners and contractors on projects large and small allows him to leverage his knowledge of unique lessons-learned for well-coordinated infrastructure solutions specific to your project.

Clint Krajnik


Principal Bridge Engineer | Structures Practice Leader

Clint leads our Structural Engineering practice, bringing 22 years of experience and a long history of working with Ryan Sisson (President) on complex bridge projects. Clint has successfully led some of the most challenging and innovative bridge designs in Colorado, most notably the curved steel tubs and architectural slab unit on the Grand Avenue Bridge, the curved precast spliced tubs of US85/C470 Flyover, the 130-ft tall US550/US160 Gulch A bridge, and most recently the post-tensioned curved precast tubs of the I-70 West Vail Pass bridges.


He has also served in key roles on several major accelerated bridge construction (ABC) projects, including one of Colorado’s first slide-in bridges, its first SPMT move-in bridge, and its first flyover bridge that utilized precast pier caps. Clint has worked closely with local Colorado contractors on seven Design-Builds and three CM/GC projects, and he understands the unique challenges and what it takes to make alternative delivery projects successful.

Kyle Dorrenbacher


Principal Transportation Engineer | Civil Practice Leader

Kyle leads our Civil Engineer Practice, with 28 years of experience working exclusively throughout Colorado. He is a recognized design leader in both rural and urban transportation infrastructure, and his passion is highway and municipal projects. He understands the details necessary to coordinate, design, and construct unique multiple-agency transportation projects. With a comprehensive knowledge of roadway, multimodal, transit, drainage, water quality, structures, utilities, construction phasing and traffic control, Kyle revels in finding and facilitating practical and site-specific solutions to the challenges of tightly constrained transportation facilities.

Like the rest of the RMS team, Kyle has worked with this group of professionals over the last 17 years.  Kyle is a trusted designer and advisor to many government agencies, and he has recently led the design of many multi-modal complete streets facilities throughout the City of Boulder and Front Range.

Andy Pelster


Senior Designer | Structures

We are excited to introduce Andy Pelster, who brings 27 years of structural detailing and design on over 130 bridges throughout Colorado, as the Lead Designer and CAD Manager for all types of roadway, transit, and pedestrian structures. His extensive background includes traditional project delivery, as well as Design-Build, CM/GC, Alternate Bid, and Value Engineering services. His projects include some of the most complex and unique bridges throughout the state, including variable depth and curved concrete and steel bridges, post-tensioned spliced girders, thru-plate girders, arches, and major walls, as well as construction engineering details for shoring, falsework, and girder erection plans.


He has led new construction, reconstruction, major rehabilitation, and preventative maintenance on many projects. Andy also worked closely with Ryan Sisson, Joe Tate, Clint Krajnik, and Jack Garrison throughout the last 14 years. Andy's unparalleled attention to detail and creativity is apparent in both his high quality plans and his western art - check it out!

Jack Garrison


Design Lead | Structures

Jack brings an unmatched understanding of complex structural behavior and an ability to identify cost-effective and constructable cast-in-place and precast solutions for major bridge projects to RMS, Inc. With over 10 years working exclusively with this team, he has a proven ability to lead the design of simple and complex bridges, including post-tensioned concrete girders, curved concrete and steel girders, accelerated bridge construction, and time-dependent 3D finite element analyses with both construction and deconstruction force effects to solve complex structural challenges and develop load ratings during and after construction. Jack has led the design of many bridges on Design-Build and CM/GC projects, and he understands the creativity, innovation, and detail necessary for successful alternative delivery projects working alongside contractors.


He recently led the design of 17 bridges on North I-25, including an accelerated slide-in thru-plate girder bridge, and designed post-tensioned, hammer-head pier caps which were constructed segmentally to minimize traffic impacts during construction. 

Brian Watkins


Design Lead | Structures

As the RMS Structures Practice newest addition, Brian brings 10 years of progressive structural design experience. Four years ago, Brian left the cell tower industry to follow his true passion, bridge engineering. All his bridge experience has been with RMS staff, working on some of the most complex bridges in the state. Brian designed the 130-foot tall pier columns and foundations for the new US550/US160 bridges near Durango, and he performed the critical independent design check of the curved, precast post-tensioned tub girders of the Westbound I-70 over Polk Creek bridge on the West Vail Pass Improvements project. 

Brian has a meticulous attention to detail and a strong desire and capability to fully understand the bridge systems he analyzes and designs. His variety of previous structural experience gives him unique insights into developing practical solutions to complex bridge problems. 

Joe Tate


Design Lead | Transportation

RMS, Inc. is thrilled to have Joe's 11 years of experience and proven roadway and interchange design capabilities to support our clients across Colorado. Joe and Ryan worked together for 7 years on over 18 projects, including multiple interchanges and new grade separations for major CDOT projects. Joe joined RMS in early 2022, and he worked closely with our structures team for 10 years prior.


He is a design and plan production leader for major projects with expertise in highways, intersections, interstates, and interchanges; integrated urban design for vehicles, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit; detailed phasing and traffic control plans for constrained roadways and bridge replacement projects; and 3D visualizations for static renderings, drone photography, and video simulations.




RMS, Inc. provides specialized engineering and consulting services for all types of transportation infrastructure from major freeways, bridges, and interchanges to multi-modal urban streets and intersections. We bring the flexibility and personal services of a small business with innovative design, dedicated management, and a team of highly qualified resources fully committed to your project needs.

Our small team of proven, talented professionals provides the expertise and leadership necessary for your projects, while advancing the best solutions for the users of your transportation system and communities. 

We are intentional in our pursuit of projects, staffed with the best talent to develop and execute the solutions necessary within the requirements of your schedules and budgets. 



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